About Us

ViralDownloader.Com is a Free to use website that helps Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users download Any Viral or a favorite video off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and save them for offline watching by generating direct links to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Video.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram could be your most popular social media marketing platform and also tens of Billion of Videos become shared within this platform every moment. Though these videos are available online, there are times once we enjoy a video plus we wish to download the very same. This really is when our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram comes in handy. No longer hassles to put in a program or applications; you can Download any public video from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram online with a single click.

The videos are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram servers and not ours, we do not save videos on our servers nor do we keep a history of downloaded videos. Using Viral Downloader is totally anonymous and 100% safe.